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Boat building with passion and entrepreneurial quality

The HanseYachts Group headquartered in Greifswald is the second largest yacht dockyard for modern sailing and motor yachts. According to customer requirements yachts of the five world-famous brands Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Privilege and Varianta are hand-crafted ranging from 29 to 75ft. HanseYachts is regarded as innovation leader in its industry, as its large team of designers and engineers continuously strive for improving the yachts. Thus, all yachts are at the cutting edge of the latest technology. Therefore, HanseYachts Group yachts inspire through their modern design, great safety, high performance and easy handling. As a result HanseYachts Group was granted the Boat Builder Award as the best yacht dockyard by the Sailing Today Magazine in 2016. Discover all brands from HanseYachts and find your individual yacht of your dreams.

The HanseYachts Group brands

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Hanse - Cruising Yachts

The sailing yacht brand Hanse comprises sailing yachts from 31 to 67 feet. These yachts are characterized by a particularly easy handling and a modern asymmetrical design. The cooperation with the world-famous and regatta-affine yacht manufacturers judel/vrolijk & co allows to develop comfortable sailing yachts incorporating impressing sailing qualities. As the only sailing yacht brand worldwide Hanse yachts are especially developed for the use of the self-tacking jib which allows autonomous maneuvering of a yacht with a powerful sailing plan.

  • Sailing yacht: 31- 67 ft
  • Particularly easy handling
  • Modern design
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Dehler - modernen Performance Cruisers

Dehler is world-famous for modern Performance Cruisers and is held up high in the regatta scene. Dehler yachts are especially developed for performance-oriented sailing and offer a comfortable interior euqipment. Besides the impressive sailing performance Dehler represents rapid vessels which are perfectly suited  for families and small crews. The deck and the hull represent high-tech developments by judel/vrolijk & co, whereas the elegant interior with its indirect lighting and precious materials created by well-known interior designers.

  • Sailing yacht: 29 – 46 ft
  • Performance-oriented sailing
  • Comfortable interior
segelyacht moody decksaloon45
segelyacht moody decksaloon54
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segelyacht moody aftcockpit41

Moody - Deluxe Sailing Yachts

As the world’s oldest sailing yacht brand Moody is of particular importance in the sailing scene. The blue water yachts are mainly constructed in the deck saloon version and offer highest comfort at sea providing a 360 degree view. The especially sleek interior design carries on the tradition of Moody’s first-class yacht construction and hones this tradition with exquisite materials and high-end workmanship.

  • Sailing yacht: 41 – 54 ft
  • Performance-oriented sailing
  • Exquisite materials and high-end workmanship
segelyacht varianta va44
segelyacht varianta va37

Varianta - Pure functional Sailing Yachts

In the 1960s, Varianta sailing yachts established the modern boat building throughout Europe and still stand today for excellent sailing qualities. Clear forms and a reduced design characterize these yachts.

  • Sailing yachts: 37 – 44 f
  • Particularly high quality and robust seaworthiness
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segelkatamaran privilege ps5

Privilège - Luxury Catamarans

Luxury catamarans of the brand Privilège stand for high-class quality and robust seaworthiness. The diagonally cut saloon windows and the revolutionary hull connection allow the safe crossing of oceans including maximum comfort. The up to 70 ft high sailing catamarans offer a living space of up to 300 square meters spread across several decks. 

  • Sailing catamaran: 50 – 75 ft
  • High-class quality and robust seaworthiness
  • Ocean crossing including maximum comfort
motoryacht fjord 36open
motoryacht fjord 48open
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motoryacht fjord 36xpress
motoryacht fjord 36mytender

Fjord - Performance Motorboats

Fjord yachts stand for open and powerful luxury yachts – unique in their nature. Thanks to the open layout Fjord yachts offer just as much deck area as a super yacht. Moreover, they provide a simple handling. The up to 52 ft long Fjord can be easily maneuvered due to the intelligent IPS technology from Volvo Penta. In mid ocean almost all models reach a speed of 40 nodes and more. Another characteristic is the innovative all-round deck which guarantees an easy and safe access to the bow. The generous sun decks, the adjustable swimming platform and the spacious outdoor kitchens make the Fjords the perfect yachts for warm regions.

  • Motor yacht: 36 – 52 ft
  • Open and powerful luxury yachts
  • Speed of 40 nodes and more
motoryacht sealine s330
motoryacht sealine c330
motoryacht sealine f530
motoryacht sealine f430
motoryacht sealine c530
motoryacht sealine c430

Sealine – Motor Cruising Yachts

HanseYachts group manufactures innovative motor yachts for the sailing branch under the brand Sealine. Sealine offers various yachts from 33 to 53 ft with two to four cabins. Apart from its innovative IPS engine from Volvo Penta Sealine yachts are characterized by their exceptional light architecture. With a length of 53 ft or more the yachts are equipped with soil depth panoramic windows providing a 360 degree view. For even more comfort, the Flybridge version offers a third level, a second steering position and a maximum living space.

  • Motor yacht: 33 – 53 ft
  • Innovative motor yachts for the sailing branch
  • Soil depth panoramic windows providing a 360 degree view