• Hanse easy sailing

  • Hanse Easy Sailing
  • Sailing made easy with Hanse yachts. Thanks to the self-tracking jib included as standard and halyards, extensors and sheets led into the cockpit, the Hanse models can be sailed easily even with a small crew.


    • EASY SAILING: Easy handling on board

      How large a crew does a Hanse yacht actually need? Our answer: if you feel like it, why not sail our yachts all by yourself. In addition to improving the sailing performance, we have placed great importance on even more simplified handling of our Hanse yachts. We call this Easy Sailing and regarding this aspect we are a significant step ahead of the competition. Even our range of basic standard equipment Hanse yachts features an integrated self-tacking jib. The resultant effect: fast single-handed tacking like on a dinghy and without cranking. This is truly simplified, easy sailing! Unique in its class is also the consequent running of all halyards, sheets and cunninghams directly to aft to the helmsman. This enables the helmsman to manoeuvre the entire boat all by himself from astern – even in stronger wind! Not only sheeting in and slackening of sails, but setting or reducing sails: all this can be done in a relaxed manner from the wheel. Add to this – likewise typical of Hanse sail boats – the double-sided main sheet system, which is employed on all large ocean going racing yachts. The combination with sheet running to the helmsman has yet another attractive side effect: the upper deck remains completely free of winches and clamps. This looks good and creates space. Moreover, the cockpit is not cluttered by a main sheet lead. By the way, at Hanse, the easy handling is not limited to sailing alone. With a combination of bow thruster and stern thruster, docking and casting off turns into a piece of cake even in the smallest of harbours. Relaxed sailing, relaxed manoeuvring and relaxed enjoying the day.

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