• Philosophy

  • Liveability

    Sealine offers yacht enthusiasts an unrivalled quality of life on the sea. Whichever port you visit and whichever coasts you see: A Sealine is always at the heart of your trip. It is your favourite place anywhere in the world, which nothing and nobody can entice you to leave. This is guaranteed with the three guiding principles applied during the production of each Sealine.

  • enjoy the LIGHT

    Sealine pulls out all the stops in the art of boat building to create a bright atmosphere and to bring as much light as possible into the inside. The style of our yachts is therefore characterized by unobstructed panoramic windows, full-length glass, skylights, large hull windows and moving roof solutions.

  • feel the SPACE

    Does your yacht feel a few feet larger than the measurements in the model drawing? This is completely normal for a Sealine. Enjoy a level of space that is usually only found in the next size class up. And if you want even more space, simply create it yourself: Convertible seats or bed areas offer a wide range of options.

  • combine functionality with DESIGN

    Our owners and their guests want to enjoy their time on the sea to the full – this requires a perfect interplay between style and technology. The design of a Sealine is so intelligent, that the yacht fulfils even the highest demands on performance, seaworthiness, comfort and safety on board.

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