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  • "Varianta was a milestone in German yacht building history. At the time of the hippy movement, the sexual revolution, the search for freedom and the hype about bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, E.G. van der Stadt designed, on behalf of William Dehler, a boat with which one could live out many of the aspirations of the time.

    Why spend evenings in your parent's stuffy home watching ""Do you recognize the melody"" on black and white televisions when, thanks to the small centre board, you could anchor in a secluded cove accompanied by Jimi Hendrix riffs and a relaxing smoke? Why stutter in a car from traffic light to traffic light through narrow congested streets when one could sail to the horizon in the Varianta, or experience its speed on the regatta course?

    For many the only answer to these questions was sailing. No wonder then that between 1967 and 1984 Dehler built and sold over 5000 Varianta sailing boats.

    Varianta was affordable – 20000 Marks – not too much to pay for lasting freedom.

    Varianta was easy to maintain – a little technology and a slip trailer guaranteed mobility.

    Varianta was comfortable – room for 4, comfortable seat height, handy pantry and storage space, shelves and good insulation, all standard in the Varianta. Nothing else is required for independence.

    Varianta was teamwork – solidarity is strength. Around 100 ranking list races have been contested by Varianta fans throughout Germany.

    Varianta was fast – VW bus or Porsche? The Varianta could do both. Comfortable and fast.

    Varianta was safe – with its high ballast ratio the boat could not capsize. Laminated buoyancy aids prevented the Varianta from sinking."

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